Our Story

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The Beginning

When you reflect on amazing customer experiences you have had (such as buying a car, shopping for new sneaks, or attending a rehab clinic for an injury), it’s always the effort to connect and way you were treated that sets apart one business from the next.

John Gonzales, a local Physiotherapist, understood this very obvious and simple concept of business. Using this idea as a foundation, along with the motivation to create something bold and different, the idea of Rehab1 was born in the Winter of 2016. The vision was simple and powerful - bring together a team of highly motivated professionals who understand how to make real connection with others, who are no strangers to effort and passion, and who care deeply for the community within and outside our walls.

Over the years, our team has evolved, but our impact has continued to grow. We have helped thousands of New Brunswickers with our personalized treatment framework that optimizes your body with a fresh approach.

Rehab1 has 3 locations in New Brunswick and, through example and effort, is demonstrating to the community why taking care of your body is essential to your daily life.

Spring of 2016

John Gonzales opens Rehab1 in Moncton NB on St. George blvd. He is joined by Chiropractors, Dr.Mathieu Hebert and Dr. Frances Leblanc, and the massage therapy team from Atlantic Sport Massage.

Fall 2017

The Rehab1 brand grows and it comes into its own, with its defining qualities of community focus, leaders in sports rehabilitation, and excellent workplace culture. In response to strong demand, a second location is opened in Riverview with co-owners Kyle Sutton and Mike Sansom.

Winter 2018

In addition to being the official rehabilitation team for the Moncton Mustangs, Olympia Cheerleading, and Harrison Trimble Football, Rehab1 becomes the official sports rehabilitation center for the Moncton Magic, Moncton’s professional basketball team.

Spring 2019

In a effort to help even more people in various communities, a third clinic is opened in Saint John NB. Rehab1 is also awarded Business of the Year in the Riverview region.

The Future

Our current vision is to lead the conversation on living a healthy lifestyle and managing injuries and ailments. It is our goal to be known as the clinic with the happiest team, force of good in outr community, and creators of the most positive environment for rehabilitation. We will push to be viewed as the leaders in sports rehabilitation, as well as providers of the newest and most effective treatment options. And we simply want people to see and feel our desire to always lead with our hearts.

Our Values

Respect | Positivity | Family | Teamwork | Growth Mindset | Gratitude

Our 5 Guiding Principles

Care: Exceptional, every time

Collaboration: Together we’re unstoppable!

Culture: The feeling that sets us apart

Community: Because we can be the change

Courage: Our mindset for growth

Coverage Options

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