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Why are custom orthotics important? Well, the next time you put on your favourite shoes, take a moment to check out the insoles. You’ll probably find there’s not a lot in there! Companies typically use thin liners or foam that don’t provide any support for your feet. When you purchase insoles from a pharmacy or department store, there is a slim chance that they will actually fit your feet well - and they certainly don’t take into account your lifestyle, goals, activity level, and a whole host of other variables.

Custom orthotics are support insoles made perfectly for your feet. They are placed inside footwear to give more support for flat feet, to relieve pain in the ball of the foot, or help sore heels and help prevent muscle aches, cramps, knee, hip, and back pain, and even sore shins. If you are on our feet a lot, stop in and see how we can take you from “ow” to “wow.”

Service Availability: Rehab1 Moncton, Rehab1 Riverview

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Custom orthotics are support insoles made perfectly for your feet

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