Virtual Physiotherapy Can Help!

Virtual Physiotherapy Can Help!

by John Gonzales PT

Rehab1 Performance Center

Top 5 benefits of Virtual Physiotherapy

All areas of health care, are constantly growing, changing, and truly getting better each and every day. Over the last year, the whole world has faced more challenges than anyone could have predicted, but still, physiotherapy met these challenges head on and pivoted to provide a rarely used, but powerful tool virtual healthcare. Virtual healthcare has completely changed how, where, and when everyday people can have access to effective care. 

But what exactly is œeffective care, and how can you be confident that virtual physiotherapy can deliver it? 

There has been a lot of research looking into this topic and the results are in! Virtual physiotherapy is now proven to be EQUALLY as effective as in-person physiotherapy treatment for improving physical function and pain because of an injury. Whether we are talking about a new injury or an older chronic one really doesn™t matter, virtual physiotherapy can be helpful in both cases and can cover anything from sprains and strains, to arthritis, to  pre- and post-surgery rehab, and lots of injuries in between.

X-rays, MRIs, and hands-on care are only small pieces of the puzzle when delivering effective care. As Physiotherapists, we can learn so much from the information you tell us “ how your injury happened, what movements make you feel better or worse, your past injury and medical history, and so on. All the information you tell us, combined with an assessment of how you move gives us a clear picture on what is causing your pain, and how we can start to make you feel better. 

At your virtual appointment, we will work together to:

  1. Talk about your history when it happened, how it happened, what makes you feel better and worse
  2. Look at how you move, what movements feel good and which ones make you feel worse, what movements are you scared to do?
  3. Create a treatment program specific to you
  4. Provide specific treatments based around what you’ve told us and what we have covered during your appointment
  5. Demonstrate and guide you through exercises as well as give you information on how you can help yourself and any do’s and don’ts
  6. Set goals and create a detailed plan on how we will achieve them

These are the Top 5 Benefits of Virtual Physiotherapy:

  • (1) We can treat your pain, new or old! We give you the skills and guidance to take a leading role in your health care
  • (2) Improving your quality of life. Do you want to return to playing tennis pain free? Or run around and pick up your grandkids? Whatever your goal may be, we can help you get back to the activities you love
  • (3) Treating you from the safety and comfort of your own home- no travel required
  • (4) Accessing physiotherapy services during lockdown, illness, busy schedule, etc
  • (5) Using technology together to navigate videos, websites, resources and more

Virtual care focuses on motivating you to take control of your health, with guidance from us along the way.



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