Custom Orthotics – Are they for me?

Custom Orthotics – Are they for me?

Custom orthotics are medical devices that are placed inside your shoes to help promote optimal biomechanical alignment and function of your feet. At Rehab 1, we offer the highest quality precision custom-made orthotic medical appliances for maximum support and function.

Benefits of Orthotics:


?Reduce hip, knee and ankle pain

?Decrease low back pain

?Decrease heel pain and pain associated with bunions

?Reduce pain associated with calluses

?Reduce plantar fasciitis / heel pain

?Reduce running injuries (eg: Iliotibial Band syndrome, posterior shin splints, runner’s knee)

?Reduce metatarsal and forefoot pain

?Decrease or eliminate arch pain

?Reduce the feeling of tired/achy feet

?Prevent the progression of many foot problems

With proper foot function, (just like the spine) abnormal wear on the muscles, ligaments and the joint’s other connective tissues is reduced significantly.

Repetitive stress on any joint in the body, (the feet, the spine, etc.) will result in tissue breakdown and will cause pain. People suffering from repetitive stress on their feet would be more susceptible to chronic conditions such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, achilles tendonitis, shin splints, and chronic low back pain.

Are they for me?

Orthotics are made to help the foot move properly and support the weight of the body so that the foot can move with less effort and fatigue. Custom orthotics can benefit any individual who is often standing or walking on hard surfaces for extended durations, or regularly taking long walks, hikes, or runs. Before we decide that you need a pair of orthotics, a detailed gait analysis and study of the way your foot functions with walking and standing will be performed, the joint ranges of motion are evaluated in order to determine where the foot imbalances exist. If you would benefit from orthotics, a cast will be taken of each foot and sent to the lab, where a custom made orthotic is created that incorporates the necessary corrections.

Contrary to old beliefs, “Flat feet” is not only and not necessarily an indication for orthotics. We evaluate the complete picture and take multiple factors in consideration for the recommendation of orthotics.

If you have any questions about Orthotics, please contact our staff at Rehab1 Performance Center, we are happy to help guide you! Contact either of our locations but calling 506-854-1151, or visit our website at !



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