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The Rehab1 Performance Center Team is proud to offer a physiotherapist-lead aquatherapy class to the community of Greater Moncton. Pretty cool eh? The pool is an amazing environment to rehab a wide variety injuries, patient populations and forms of pain. The low impact on weight-bearing joints such as the spine, hips and knees make it easier to strengthen and increase mobility with much less discomfort. As physiotherapists, we aim to improve your pain, strength, mobility and overall quality of life. Aquatherapy can be a unique way of getting started on your path to recovery.


All of our classes are led by our physiotherapist, Kyle Sutton. Classes run a full 60 minutes and ,currently, we offer the class once a week. We began running our aquatherapy classes in April 2019 and we have found participant satisfaction to be very high, as well as adherence to this form of exercise. Another thing we have noticed is that the therapeutic effects of our aquatherapy sessions are often enhanced by the social setting of the sessions.

We proudly offer Auquatherapy in our Rehab1 Moncton and Rehab1 Riverview clinics.

A concussion is one of the most common injuries that patients present to physiotherapists

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